Company Development

Year 1930

On 01/07/1930, Karl and Maria Berger founded the company Karl Berger & Co.

The first company is based in the Holbein Straße 28 in Mannheim - Neuostheim

Year 1945
As a brand the name KABECO, derived from Karl Berger and Co, was pushed.

The company was specialised in the sales of:
rubber sheets, belts, conveyor belts, asbestos packings, ropes, celluloid and stamped parts produced on cutting machines with rotary arms.

Advertising from the year 1945.

Years 1951 - 1954

The sons Josef, Friedrich and Otto were admitted as limited partners in the company and thus initiated the succession by the second generation. At that time, 12 employees were working in the company.

In 1951 a new factory and warehouse building in the Haydn Road, were built in the "Schwetzinger Suburb".

In 1954 the building was expanded by three floors.

Main products at this time were:
technical rubber products, asbestos, fuel and fan belts, leather goods and technical papers.

Year 1967

Karl Berger & Co. continues to expand.
Construction and occupation of the existing factory building.

Now, the company had 2,450 qm office, warehouse and production space in the industrial Mühlfeld and employed 35 people.

This was the foundation for the development of the processing center and the punching.


Conversion of Karl Berger & Co. in Gummi-Berger GmbH and entry of Karl-Friedrich Berger in the company. Thus the succession in the third generation was assured.

Gummi-Berger GmbH is now technical trader with a full range of products including the areas safety products, hoses and fittings.


To meet the needs of our OE customers, the company determined to invest in the field of quality control and to specialise more on sealing technology and elastomer molding parts.

Years 1992 - 1994

Karl Friedrich Berger is exclusive shareholder of the Gummi-Berger GmbH.

Commissioning of the water jet cutting machine and modification of the design and market presentation.

Based on the water jet cutting machine and the ideas of its employees amongst other things design articles for clients in the crafts were produced.

Years 1995 - 1998

Through the attention of an employee, the Gummi-Berger GmbH took over the distribution of an innovation - a porous rubber tube made of recycled rubber that makes possible an underground watering.
The company was distribution partner for Germany and protected AcquaTerra as private label. Applications were golf courses, football fields, high-quality gardens and urban facilities.

In 1998 the sales had to be abandoned due to bankruptcy of the manufacturer.

In 1997 the company was first certified to ISO 9001.


In 1999, the decision was made to withdraw from the full range and to focus only on the area of the sealing, gasket and elastomer technology.

In this context, the name DichTec is protected and Gummi-Berger advertises with the single-source concept.

Since 2000, we see ourselves as a service for seals and technical polymer products. We implement single-sourcing processes for production parts and cover the entire supply chain - from design of parts to delivery to the assembly line.

Year 2002

In January 2002 the name Gummi-Berger was replaced by  Berger S2B. In the meantime the product range goes far beyond the rubber material. Because of this we decided to perform a name change from Gummi-Berger in Berger S2B. With S2B services to business should be reassured that the company understands itself as a service partner of the industry and offers numerous services around the sealing and polymer technology.

Year 2003

This year, Berger S2B GmbH has been awarded as top employer of the middle class.

The focus in 2003 was again on the improvement and optimisation of electronic communication with customers. 2003 Berger S2B GmbH was certified for the first time according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by DQS.

Year 2009

Purchase of a plotter. This enables the production and delivery of parts and small series, e.g. for mechanical engineering or prototypes for series producers.