Structure of Values of Berger S2B

Does a company need values? Yes, because in our opinion plenty of market changes, economical- and financial crises were initiated by “deteriorating values” and thus a lived structure of values and a cooperative partnership on all levels is indispensable for the sustainability of a commercial enterprise.

Convinced from this the management circle discussed extensively the object of Berger S2B: The purpose of existence of Berger S2B is to be successful, offering space for development within a partnership. But what does it mean in detail and which values can be derived?

being successful means to gain sales sustainable, safeguard and generate jobs, have the guts to strike out in a new direction, to be independent.

offering space means to trust somebody, give the freedom of decision, enable satisfaction, to be open- minded.

partnership means to live humanity, associate with somebody in a respectful way, be reliable, take care of the principle of balance.

making progress by enhancing quality, expand competencies, develop creativity, mutual impulses.

As part of a workshop every employee created a picture of its understanding of values. These pictures are united to a big overall picture of our values as a symbol to decorate the foyer. 
This big picture is the basis for our cooperation with clients, supplier and service provider .