As a technical trader with its own manufacturing, specialising primarily in the OEM business in series in the automotive and general industry, we have a unique position in the market.

We can advise you at the beginning of the product development on materials, design options, appropriate field experience up to already available standard solutions and catalog products.

      Static Seals and Gaskets:

  • punching
  • cut with water jet
  • cut with plotter
  • kiss- cut
  • screen printing
  • etc.

      Moulded Seals:

  • compression mouldingparts
  • injection moulding parts
  • transfer moulding parts
  • etc.

    Dynamic Seals and Gaskets:

  • packings
  • oil seals
  • mechanical seals
  • x-rings
  • etc.


  • extruded profiles and profile sections
  • co-extruded profiles and profile sections
  • cut rings
  • etc.


  • RMP 1000
  • RMP 2000
  • threaded- and rubber-metal-seal-rings
  • etc.

      Heating Protection:

  • heat-shields
  • special non woven material upt to 500C
  • foil -aminated glass fibre
  • material as per FMVSS 302
  • material as per .UL94
  • etc.