We supply profiles in "endless" as well as with individual cuts. Moreover, we also offer "joint vulcanised" and bonded systems in" multicomponent construction".
profile cataloge
Our collaboration with selected suppliers in Europe and Asia makes us competitive in domestic and international prices.

For a variety of existing mouthpieces (see profile cataloge) we deliver filigree and bulky

  • Edge protectors-
  • Facade-
  • Rolling gate
  • Square-
  • Wedge-
  • U-
  • Edge-
  • Angle-
  • Joint-angle-
  • Flag-
  • Door-
  • Finger protection-
  • Window-
  • Round-
  • Clamping-
  • Plug-in-

and coextruded sponge rubber profiles from a variety of materials
 Profile sections
 Cut rings

On request also labeled, round out the offerings.

Individual profiles are developed and produced for you, and if necessary delivered in barcoded containers to your production line.